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Written Exercises

Written Exercises - раздел Лингвистика, Методическое пособие по практической фонетике In The Following Sentences, The Transcription For The Weak – Form Words Is Le...

In the following sentences, the transcription for the weak – form words is left blank. Fill in the blanks, taking care to use the appropriate form.

1. I want her to park that car over there.

[QI wPnt pRk kRr quvq ]

2. Of all the proposals the one that you made is the silliest.

[ Ll prqpquzlz wAn meId sIlIqst]

3. Jane and Bill could have driven them to and from the party.

[GeIn bIl drIvqn pRtI]

4. To come to the point what shall we do for the rest of the week?

[ kAm pPInt wPt rest wJk]

5. Has anyone got an idea where it came from?

[ enIwAn gPt QIdIq weqr It keIm ]

6. Pedestrians must always use the crossings provided for them.

[pqdestrIqnz LlwIz jHz krPsIN prqvQIdId ]

7. Each one was a perfect example of the art that had been developed there.

[JC wAn pE:fIkt IgzRmp Rt bJn dIveqt]


Practical Tasks:

1) Transcribe the text suggested by the teacher


Sound [qu]

Don't go home alone because nobody knows how lonely the road is.



3) Ship or Sheep U – 20

4) Listening I U – 20

5) Pronunciation Tasks – 49


Sound [Iq]

By the end of the year he left fearfully weary.



7) Ship or Sheep U – 21, 22

8) Listening II U – 1

9) Pronunciation Tasks


Sound [eq]

The square was carefully prepared for the parade.



11) Ship or Sheep U – 23

12) Listening II U – 2

13) Pronunciation Tasks


Sound [p]

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper

A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked.

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,

Where's the peck of pickled pepper that Peter Piper picked.



15) Ship or Sheep U – 24

16) Listening II U – 3a




Sound [b]


Betty Botta bought some butter,

"But, she said, this butter's bitter.

But a bit of better butter

Will make my batter better."

So she bought a bit of butter

Better than the bitter butter

And it made her batter better

So it was better.

Betty Botta bought a bit of better butter.



18) Ship or Sheep U – 25

19) Listening II U – 3b

20) TEST


Control Questions:

1) What words can be used in a weak form?

2) When should we use the strong forms?


The Rules of Reading Vowels and Digraphs in Stressed and Unstressed Syllables.


Sound → I oткрытый слог II закрытый слог III закрытый - в конце слова перед согласным IV R + немая V безударный слог
Letter ↓
a [eI] fable, fate [x] fat [R] far, hard [eq] fare, daring [q] aside, capital
o [qu] no, note [P] not [L] nor, short [L] more, snoring [q] today, freedom не читается перед l,n в конце слова lesson, pistol
i [QI] pie, dine [I] fit [E:] fir, firm [QIq] fire, firing [I] invite, music не читается перед l в конце слова pencil
y [QI] by, type [I] gym [E:] bird [QIq] tyre, tyrant [I] fifty, Egypt
e [J] me, mete [e] met [E:] her, term [Iq] here, zero [q] перед stu dent [I] explain, ticket не чита-ется перед l, n vessel, open
u [jH, H] due, rule [A] cut [E:] fur, turn   [juq] cure, during [jH] открытый слог unite [q] закрытый слог difficult


The Rules of Reading Digraphs.

ai [eI] wait, play
ai + r [Fq] chair
al [Ll] salt
alk [Lk] chalk
au [L] August
aw [L] law
a + ft [Rft] after
A + n + согл [Rn] dance
a + sk [Rsk] ask
a + ss [Rs] class
a + st [Rst] past
a + th [RT, RD] bath, father
ea [J] tear
ea + r [Iq] near
ear + согл [E:] learn
ee [J] need
ee + r [Iq] beer
eigh [eI] eight
ew [jH, H] new, blew
ey [eI] they


wa [wP] want
wor [wE:] work


ia [QIq] diagram
ie [QIq] quiet
io [QIq] pioneer
igh [QI] night
i + ld [QIld] child
i + nd [QInd] kind


oa [qu] coat
oa +r [L] baord
oi, oy [PI] noise, boy
Oo в конце слова и перед l, m, n [H] too, cool, loom, soon
oo + k [u] book
oo + r [L] door
ou [Qu] house
ou + r [Quq] sour
ow [qu, Qu] slow
ow + er [Quq] brown
o + m, n, th, v [A] come, son, mother, love



Put the number of a sentence and transcribe all the funcion words.



1. Did you know him?

2. He assured her that this meant nothing to him.

3. He was sure he could make her happy.

4. Where was she?

5. Don't let the nonsense I talk interfere with you.

6. She had a pretty face, but her figure was beyond conjecture.

7. That settled the matter for me.

8. "I can't make head or tail of it", said March.

9. He knew everything better than anybody else.

10. They opened their sleepy eyes.

11. At other times young men badly taken with the nose would attempt to waylay Millicent in Hyde Park when she was taking Hector for exercise.

12. I was the new hypocrite; but mine was the homage that virtue pays to vice.

13. I could understand that it was a shock to Arthur.

14. "I just wanted to ask you", he began.

15. She looked at me as though that were the end of the interview.

16. I should have liked to be able to communicate with his relations.

17. It never struck me for a moment that it was he.

18. Come back to us soon!

19. "Poor little wretch I was!"

20. She believed them with all her heart.



1. It was the last time she ever saw him.

2. No one could fail to like him.

3. He put it off from day to day.

4. They smiled to welcome another day.

5. "What is your name? " he asked abruptly.

6. "And when you've done mystifying us, you will tell us the solution?"

7. At last in the third year a new problem presented itself.

8. Millie's father and mother where delighted when they saw that her nose was having its effect on him.

9. "Have to eat, you know. Can't work at full pressure unless you eat plenty."

10. At this point Mabel rose from the table, and they all seemed to become awake of her existence.

11. "It's a knock – out, isn't it?"

12. "It does remind me (of) a little of Annie Poultry", she admitted.

13. I spoke to her with absolute frankness and asked her to do the same.

14. Charmian said, "Are we mad, or are you?"

15. "Surely, my dear, you must have heard the expression…"

16. "That is what I supposed", said Mr. Pond.

17. He could respect those whose creed required them to be cloistered and ignorant of this word.

18. Some would count his first comment a peculiar extension of the lunch.

19. "Darling, do give me a job."

20. With that she was pone.



1. He was a good mixed, and in 3 days he knew everyone on board.

2. "Oh, that's all right!", he said.

3. He took it as a compliment.

4. But it was at mealtime that he was most intolerable.

5. They look fine.

6. Passion has in it always a shade of sadness, a touch of bitterness of anguish.

7. He could guess what his wife had meant to him.

8. She was talking aloud to herself. That was it!

9. I've heard about you.

10. Hoggs comes for the shooting.

11. "How can you say such things?" she remonstrated.

12. "I don't know myself", replied Mr. Crook; but then I am on the right side of the wall.

13. He'd brought letters to the Governor and people like that.

14. He begged her again to see her.

15. What are you talking about?

16. "Tell her in front of me", said Hadrian.

17. He implored her to have strength.

18. You couldn't help liking him.

19. He would trot in front of the couple.

20. How frightful that the end of it all should be so tragic!



1. There was something simple, sincere in that voice.

2. Would you let me have the price of a cup of tea?

3. No, you couldn't have called her beautiful.

4. "I guess I'll go ashore", he said.

5. They did what they could to comfort her.

6. "And which is the right side of the wall?" she asked, smiling.

7. "Yes, I've heard that."

8. Well she might have.

9. "Have you heard them all?"

"Most of them."

10. "Oh, don't jump, Mr. Crook!"

11. He paid all his attention to his mother, drawn to her as a humble flower to the sun.

12. I wonder if you could make a trade of some nuts and plantains for a pound or two of tobacco.

13. We called him Mr. Know – All, even to his face.

14. It might at least be he.

15. Her face was made up, but higgard with a look of unspeakable irritability.

16. "Are you Neilson?" "I am."

17. You must be pretty well with your trees.

18. As far as I know there's been no one at the end to take pity on him but a Chinese woman.

19. I could not give up the secret pleasure of being slandered.

20. It will be enough to say that.



1) O'Connor J.D. A Pelican Orgional Phonetic Phonetics.

2) O'Connor J.D. Better English Pronunciation, pp. 92 - 95

3) Vasiliev V.A. English Phonetics. M., 1980, pp. 95 – 99.



UNIT 25 – 27


Main Theoretical Concepts:

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