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Ex.4 Practice reading

Ex.4 Practice reading - раздел Лингвистика, Сегментная фонетика Idioms, Sayings: He That Hath Ears To Hear, Let Him...

idioms, sayings:

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

If the cap fits, wear it.

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Five fat friars frying fish.

While there is life there is hope.

No smoke without fire.

Real weird rear wheels.

First come, first served.

Even a worm will turn.

It is the early bird that catches the worm.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

One good turn deserves another.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The calm before the storm.

To put the cart before the horse.

A barking dog seldom bites.

Don’t take your harp to the party.

A bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk.

Adversity makes the man wise, not rich.

Through hardship to the stars.

Return good for evil.

Better unborn than untaught.

You can bring your horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.


rhymes and twisters:

An old woman, old woman, shall we go a – shearing?

Speak a little louder, sir, - I am very hard of hearing.

Old woman, old woman, shall I love you dearly?

Thank you, kind sir, I hear you very clearly.


How many boards

Could the Mongols hoards

If the Mongol hoards got bored?


“What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare?”


I cannot bear to see a bear

Bear down upon a hare.

When bare of hair he strips the hare,

Right there I cry, “Forbear!”


Ex.5 Pick out the odd word:

1. term, clerk, serve, perfect.

2. target, farm, warm, market.

3. learn, earth, pearl, heart.

4. Vernon, terrible, merry, hurry.

5. word, work, world, war.

6. first, fur, far, turn.

7. girl, shirk, wire, birch, birth.

8. earn, learn, heart, early.

9. worm, worn, world, work.

10. nurse, lurk, hurry, hurt, suburb.

11. advertisment, university, reserved, western.


Ex.6 Put the words into three columns:

[ɑ:] [ɔ] [з:]


Tardy, sort, purge, war, heart, dormant, world, port, darling, warm, earn, lord, work, partake, furbish, learn, mortify, clerk, purblind, portly, sergeant, dart, further, partner.

Ex.7 Read the sentences:

1. I’d like to reserve a seat on the ten-thirty flight to Birmingham, on Thursday. My name is Vernon.

2. I’ll search under the fir trees and the birches, I’ll circle the earth – and I’ll return with a superb firm earthworm for my perfect turtledove.

3. Pearl will be thirty next birthday. Her perfume from Germany is perfect.

4. Gregory reported about this story with sarcasm, then he asked rhetorical question.

5. I always think about misfortune with a horror.

6. Barbara’s government had a very bad reputation.

7. Sorry, but I don’t like horror films, I prefer going to the theatre.


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The types, structure and functions of syllables in English.
Syllable formation in English is based on the phonological opposition vowel-consonant. Vowels are usually syllabic while consonants are not with the exeptions of [l], [m], [n], which become syllabi

Syllable division rules for simple words and parts of compound words
vowel intersyllabic sounds boundary examples notes I. Short stressed a) single con

One word in each set has a different number of syllables from the others. Decide which it is, then check with the recording.
Example: lengths if table on destiny chocolate

Ex.3 Divide into syllables and determine where the syllable boundary lies.
  1. goodness 5. about 9. Saturday 2. hotter

Ex.4 Transcribe the following words, divide them into syllables and explain the rule.
  1. ninety 6. sentence 2. middle 7. vowel

The primary and the secondary meaning of letters.
In English one letter can denote a few different sounds (polysemantic letters). That’s why there are the primary and the secondary sound meanings of them. The primary meaning of a letter is the sou

The primary sound meaning of vowels in different types of syllables.
In disyllabic and polysyllabic words the vowel letter has its alphabetical (long) meaning if: 1) it is separated from the following vowel letter or from the combinations –le, -re

meaning spelling examples exceptions I. Primary long 1) vowel + sounding vowel d

Reading of a stressed vowel in its short meaning. Short vowels of the English language.
If there is no indicator of length (it means the second vowel or a combination “gh” after a stressed vowel immediately or in one consonant) the English vowel is read shortly. The sh

Test II
  1. Divide into groups and transcribe these words: Worry, student, apricot, oppose, novel, after, magic, limit, visit, excuse, sentence, bypass, money, cinema, never,

Reading Vowels in Closed Syllables
# Meaning Context Examples Secondary indicators of vowel secondary meanings

Чтение двухэлементных сочетаний гласных

Principles of Reading Vowel Digraphs
1) The 1st letter is read in its primary long meaning: sea [i:], oak [əυ], etc.; 2) The 2nd letter is read in its primary long meaning: neu

Ex.5 Read the following words. Identify the sound of each line.
[ ] 1. food, boot, foolish, boost [ ] 2. good, cook, took, look [ ] 3. should, would, could [ ] 4. blood, flood [ ] 5. door, four, floor, boor [ ] 6. mo

Ex.7 Give 2 examples to each variant of pronunciation of the given digraph.
    [əυ] [aυ] [u:] OU[\

Ex. 22 Practice reading the following words.
The letter "a": pale, dale, rake, navy, table, ladle, staple, cradle, apron, sabre, latch, rack, jacket, quack, yank, jag, carry, parrot, garret, sparrow, barrel

Reading of Unstressed Vowels
Vowels in unstressed syllables in disyllabic and polysyllabic words usually denote the neutral sound [ə] and short [ı]. 1.The letters ‘e’, ‘

Ex. 1 Read the riddles. Try to guess the right answer. Transcribe the underlined words, explain the rules.
1) A man looks at the photo and says: “Brothers and sisters I have none, but this man’s father is my father’s son.” What relation is the man in the photograph to the man who is

Ex. 2 Learn the rhyme.
The Time-table of Lazy-bones Grundy.   Lazy-bones Grundy Must do sums for Monday. “And today it is Thursday”, Says lazy-bones Grundy, “So

Ex.8 Read the following words. Note that they have complete vowel reduction.
Britain, curtain, separate, metal, medal; Interest, model, parcel, travel; Medicine, professional, revolutionary.   Ex. 9 Find the words in which un

Чтение согласных

Ex. 5 Read the proverbs. Explain the rules of reading.
1. To let the cat out of the bag. 2. Appearances are deceitful. 3. The devil is not so black as it is painted. 4. The tongue is

Reading of Endings -(e)s, -(e)d
The ending -(e)sof plural forms of nouns and of the 3rd singular present indefinite of verbs is read   how

A) with the ending -(e)s
inches, hands, chiefs, shoes, maps, boxes, safes, dishes, machines, roofs, classes, wives, babies, benches, books, bottles, boys, brings, burns, buzzes, cages, capes, cars, catches, cats, checks, c

B) with the ending -(e)d
acted, added, advised, agreed, begged, called, camped, carried, compiled, composed, concreted, concurred, crashed, decided, defended, diffe­red, dressed, ended, enjoyed, entered, explained, failed,

B) with the ending -(e)d
  [t] [d] [id]         For

Ex. 11 Read the proverbs. Explain the rules of reading.
1. He laughs best who laughs last. 2. What can’t be cured must be endured. 3. Exception proves the rule. 4. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 5. Where the shoe p

Reading of combinations of vowels with consonants.
Letter combination sound Examples O + ld I+ld I+nd Igh A+consonants A+ll

Listen to the recording and decide which names you hear.
Example:I’ve invited ____Pete___ to join us. a) Pete b) Peter c) Pet   1. I’ve just been talking to __________________. a) Jan Lipma

Look at and listen to these pairs of words.
a. Peter and pepper. These start with the same consonant sound [p], but the following vowel sound is different: [pi:tə], [pepə]. b. Peter and pizza. T

Reading of English consonant clusters
English sibilants and interdental sounds which don’t have their equivalents in the Latin alphabet are denoted by combinations of consonants, the second element of which is “h”, e. g. she, ch

Ex.7 Sort out the words into columns according to the reading of consonant clusters.
Machinery, scheme, scythe, child, Thames, weather, chef, Christmas, Thompson, chick, than, chic, chord, chalice, cliché, Chaos, neither, thyme, thrift, cheek, though, thorn, thaw, thief.

Spot the homophones 1
isle / bard / beer / bored / caught / night / pale / cawed / chord / sly / died / dyer / cored / dough / flawed / toed / pear / meal / floored / teas / knew / heard / soar / heal / lacks / lax /

Spot the homophones 2
In the following conversation a large number of words have been replaced by homophones. Spot where they have been used and decide how the words should be written.   - Lousy w

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