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Economic and sociological analysis of suicide
We can assume that if religious leaders would promise better life and god s forgiveness of all sins people committed, some people under.. The benefits of life are emphasized in Judaism and for Jews costs of suicide.. This is one of the main reasons of the lowest level of suicides now in Italy, Spain and number of the Latin American..

Choosing a career (на английском языке)
As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times about which science or field of industry to specialize in. It was difficult to make up my mind.. I was good at biology in school. But in the 9th form I have changed my mind I.. My parents are involved in this problem. My father is working with immovable property for about 10 years, my mother is..

Analysis of Sufism Through Art of Sufi Poetry
The origins of Sufism still are a highly debated topic amongst scholars. Some accounts refer the rise of the mystical school during reign of Abu.. Sufis cultivate the seed of a school of spiritual practice based on knowledge.. Instead such a path of understanding demands spiritual striving, the understanding and the knowledge of the heart, in..

America Under Attack
Officials said the plane was carrying 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants.On Tuesday night, FBI issued several search warrants on.. They said a flight attendant called authorities from the airborne American.. A senior FBI official told ABCNEWS that investigators received reports that other passengers were able to call 911 or..

AIDS in Africa (СПИД в Африке)
The AIDS situation in Africa is catastrophic and sub- SaharanAfrica continues to head the list as the world s most affected region, saidPeter Piot.. For example, accordingto Ministry of Health statistics, 2.2 million Kenyans.. They say thatthey do not reveal HIV results to prevent the patients from fear of bad news. Some patients literally..

Acoustic emission(Акустическая эмиссия)
Intensification ofscience research in the fields of emission methods analysis reflects theabove-mentioned matters. Emission diagnostics methods are.. Amongst diagnosticmethods the most widely spread in field of machinery.. It is physical nature causes expanding fieldsof application for the method in technology.First works byacoustic..

Diana Spencer (english)
Every man knows Diana. On the 31st of august 1997 Diana Spencer died. And now everybody in our world loves Diana. Goodbye, English Rose.

Структурные и понятийные аспекты языка
На протяжении веков человечество пыталось проникнуть в тайны человеческой мысли. Для этого использовались самые разнообразные науки, изучающие.. Господствующими были взгляды представителей логической школы, согласно которым.. В рамках данной работы применяется подход к взаимодействию мышления и языка прежде всего со стороны семиотики науки о..

Социокультурный компонент содержания обучения как средство повышения мотивации изучения иностранных языков на среднем этапе общеобразовательной школы
Cambrige. 25. Rivers W. Teaching foreign language skills - 2 nd. ed Chicago, London. The Univ. of Chicago press 1981 26. Thomas A. Hg Kulturstandard in der.. Dieser Markt findet jeden Sonntag am Hamburger Hafen statt.

Грамматический анализ субстантивированных прилагательных и причастий
Grammatik der neuhochdeutschen Sprache recht - Recht, schmuck - Schmuck, 18, 49, bekannt - der Bekannte, blind - der Blinde. 18, 50 der wahrhaft.. I Freund, Freind . der Allwaltende.I der Feind, der Freund Deutsche Grammtik.. Der Tunnel, S. 120 was das Beste fur Sie ist. J. Tweedie.

Английский язык (11 класс)
In English houses the fire-place has always been the centre of interest in a room.For many months of the year people like to sit round the fire and.. Holydays are especially rich in old traditions and are different in.. Four times a year the offices and banks in Britain are closed on Monday. These public holidays are known as Bank..

Переводы по английскому языку из учебника Л.Н. Адрианова
Теперь они - студенты Английского технического колледжа. Сегодня второе 2-ое сентября. У студентов сегодня три лекции . Первая 1-ая лекция по.. На стенке висят доска и таблицы. На доске что-то нарисовано. Это -.. А линия имеет только одно измерение длину. А точка не имеет никакого измерения, а просто положение в пространстве. В..

British traditional holidays (english)
Theingredients of pancakes are all forbidden by Church during Lent, that is whythey have to be used the day before. The most common form of.. Gifts are made to mothers by children ofall ages. Flowers and cakes are still.. Easter is one of the most importantholidays in Christianity. In England it s a time for giving and receivingpresents..

Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation (english)
Rewards and employee satisfaction Gaining an employee s satisfaction with the rewards given is not a simple matter. Rather, it is a function of.. In effect, employees compare their own inputoutput ratio with that of others.. Individuals also tend to overrate their own performance compared with the rating they receive from their supervisors..

Adam Smith (english)
If his masterwork is viewed in relation to his earlier lectures on moral philosophy and government, as well as to allusions in The Theory of Moral.. Early Life Unfortunately, much is known about Smith s thought than about his.. He would have made, I fear, a poor gypsy, commented his principal biographer. At the age of 14, in 1737, Smith entered..

Стилистика (примеры оборотов из англ. произведений) - (english)
With the use of epithets, J. London makes emotionally coloured description of the character. 3. On the bottom of the huge and glassy lagoon was much.. J. London The author uses hyperbole to show that the hero was unable to say a.. J. London The author uses the above-mentioned metaphor to describe shot-guns. A word denoting one object is applied to..

Wolf children (english)
He would only eat familiar food such as potatoes orwalnuts. He walked uncertainly. There was no connection between his mind andhis body, and that he.. Itard tried every way he could think of toteach Victor language. Used letters.. The girl seemed to have no trace of humanness in the way sheacted and thought. It was as if she had the mind of a..

Темы по французскому (french)
Je peux ajouter que veux choisi la philologue a ma vie prochaine. Je veux devenirinterpre te. Comment je passe mon tempslibres. J ai un peu de temps.. J aime lire des livres. Mon ecrivainprefer e est Stiven King. Quand j ai le.. Et l enfent part pour traverserla terre,il va, il marche, il boit l espace,il cherche sa voie et passe par des..

Business relation ships in japan (english)
It has been traditionalpractice for a company to hold shares in these related companies, apractice which has given rise to a high proportion of.. When dealing with a Japanesecompany, it is important to be aware of the.. It should also be understood that there is a constant flow ofinformation between Japanese enterprises and their banks..

Mass media in Great Britain
Although the press in this or that country is legally free, the danger lies in the fact that the majority of people are not aware of the ownership.. In democratic countries it has long been assumed that government ought, in.. Main Part The Press National Daily and Sunday Papers In a democratic country like Great Britain the press, ideally..

International company Middlesex (english)
Then in 1992 Phil Edmonds, the former English cricketer, bought this company and renamed it after at his countryside.But the company didn t involve.. Since then, MiddleSex has remained committed to Russia and other CIS.. In addition, it has trade investment in gold and insurance. Each of this these streams in particular I m going to..

"Cultural imperialism" and "cultural diplomacy" (english)
What is the aim of cultural diplomacy and cultural imperialism forming of political regimes, decision of some economical problems or something else.. A man is grasped from TV every day the material chosen by journalists has.. People received the opportunity to know so many things without learning anything. At the sense level a person..

Books (english)
The fighting of the Catholic church against books and the creation of the powerful institution of censorship will be viewed.There will also be an.. In the 13th century there was a special post in the universities, the.. In the beginning of the 14th century in Paris the booksellers as such separated from the Stationarii but even they..

Торонто (english)
Areflecting pool under the arches is usedas an ice-skating rink in the winter. Toronto is the center of mostpopulous area in Canada and the capital.. The National Geographic declared Toronto worldly, wealthy, personable, and.. The city was designed and renovated tomake the most of its settings on the store of Lake Ontario. The best view is..

Распаусюджванне хрысцiанства на Беларусi
Аб клопаце па распасюджванню тут хрысцянства скосна сведчыць характа-рыстыка Iзяслава, змешчаная Цвярскiм летапiсе, дзе сказана, што н прiлежаце.. У пiсьмовыя крынiцы трапiла цiкавае паданне аб Рагнедзе-манахiнi, якая правяла.. Лiчаць, што 992 годзе знiкла епархiя Полацку. Сведчаннем актыных кантакта Усяслава Полацкага з духавенствам служыць..

Английская грамматика (english)
I think it s alldelightful ,murmured Emily. Inversion may be the result of emphasis,whenthe author wishes to produce a cetain stylistic effect.Here.. Inthe centre of the room of the his flat stoodthe head of the family old .. BUT Thereshe goes. The subject is expressed by a pronoun. 8.Anadverbial modifier with a negative meaning opens the..

Обучение в Англии (english)
As far as private scho- ols in UK are concerned i think that they are useful from one side and useless from the other.The costs are veryhigh.If i..

Образование в России (english)
Both vocational school and tradeschools are meant to provide one, long with the certificate ofsecondary education, with a number of useful skills.. There are no medical schools or departments with in the structure.. There are no degrees in Russian equivalent to those of bachelor s ormaster s. Students spend approximately five years..

Korea in Focus (english)
Testifying to this was the successful hosting of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the largest held in history up to that time. This was following by the.. This era of stability and expanding international ties represents the most.. The country s last dynasty, the Yi Dynasty of the Choson Kingdom, lasted 500 years.The Koreans of today, while..

Sightseeing (english)
I find it boring to lookat man-made buildings and monuments, no matter how beautiful they are. I m muchmore interested in more natural things that.. I take a slightly different view ofthe question of sightseeing.As I see it.. Do they really include many sights to see ? I guess I llnever understand it.

Major dates of US history (english)
End of the fighting. 1781 The Articles of Confederation issued.1783 Peace Treaty of Paris Версальский договор . Britain recognizes..

Alcoholism: Drinking (english)
A Widespread Problem For most people, alcohol is a pleasant accompaniment to social activities. Moderate alcohol use up to two drinks per day for.. Currently, nearly 30 million Russians - abuse alcohol or are alcoholic.. In addition, drinking increases the risk of death from automobile crashes, recreational accidents, and on-the-job..

Краткие замечания о морфологической структуре английского языка
Во-первых, существует большое количество алломорфных форм словообразовательных аффиксов, особенно суффиксов алломорфаэто фонетический иили.. Это значит, что для опознания суффикса и основы недостаточно знать одну форму.. Выявление всех алломорф, характер сочетаемости суффиксов с различными видами основ, дистрибуция суффикса и другие..

Wonders of the Modern World (english)
But wonders of the modern world are differentfrom the ancient ones which were all buildings and statues. In the lastcenturies there was a time of.. We can t imagine our life today without telephone, television, fax,cars.. Modernagriculture is based on scientific weather and harvest predictions. It depends heavily on engineering and..

William Somerset Maugham (english)
In 1897 Maughham wrote his first novel, Liza of Lambeth, covering his experiences as an obstetrician. The book was a success, which encouraged him.. He settled down in1928, when he bought a villa on Cape Ferrat in the south of.. His short stories gained thebiggest popularity. In his works, Maugham mainly portrays theconflict of Europeans in..

Agriculture of USA (english)
The area of an average farm in the USA makes about 400 acres. In 1984 there were more than 2.3 million farms in the country. However, the very large.. For example, 2 of the manufacturers of grain, that make up 50 of grain.. The new firms can also penetrate into the majority of agricultural branches with relative ease. There are special..

Word and Meaning (english)
When used in sentences together with other words they are syntactically organized. But if we look at the language speech, it becomes apparent that.. All attempts to characterize the word are necessarily specific for each domain.. Thomas Hobbes 1588-1679, one of the great English philosophers, revealed a materialistic approach to the problem of..

Молочная промышленность Германии (germany)
Если не сокращаются на основе повышения выполнения при постоянном производстве молока mer benotigten Kuhe abgestockt, так себе общийвесь .. Азот и Phosphatausscheidung хотя представляют Gefahrdungspotential fur.. Это указывается abschlissend на то, что повышения выполнения к следующемудальнейшему Nebeneffekten ехали konen, dei..

England under Henry VIII (english)
People said he was a handsome boy, but in later life he did not seem handsome at all. He was a big, burly, noisy, small-eyed, large-faced.. And the King fought at tournaments and always came off victorious - for the.. The King, who discovered that he was very fond of the Pope, sent a herald to the King of France, to say he must not..

Jack London - Biography (english)
When London was 14 he had toquit grammar school to escape poverty. The boy was looking for adventures. Hegot a sloop and explored San Francisco Bay.. John London educated himself atpublic libraries. He read the works of Charles.. London studied some literarymagazines and set himself a daily schedule of writing sonnets, ballads, jokes,anecdotes..

The Archangel Cathedral (english)
In 1505-1508, a newArchangel Cathedral replaced the old one. Its erection marked the completion ofthe ambitious construction project in the late.. It was for the first time inRussia that elements of the classical system were.. The architect paid special attention to thewestern wall, accenting with whitestone portals the main cathedral..

Two approches to the scientific management (egnlish)
Young practitioners were so assured of their theories and they believed that the improvement of government and its administration would promote a.. Nevertheless the political control and the theoretical basis of the.. But the larger waste is still human resources, like human efforts, which go on every day through such of our acts as..

Does the crime pay or not ? (english)
That is why you are allowed to do everything you like and more besides.Vladislav Listiev, Dmitry Holodov,Galina Starovoitova and many other famous.. Nevertheless, in our society some people have forgotten aboutjustice and law.. I can only say that these people watch TV and do nothingelse, because what you need for today s robbery of the bank is..

Rome and the Roman Empire (english)
The legendary dateof the founding was 753 BC it was ascribed to Romulus and Remus, the twin sonsof Rhea Silvia, a vestal virgin and thedaughter of.. The threetribes, the Ramnes, Titieus, and Luceres, that appear in the legend.. Tarquinius was banished, and attempts by Etruscan or Latin cities toreinstate him on the throne at Rome were..

The basical macroeconomics indicators (english)
That is the part of eco-nomics concerned with the economy as a whole with such major aggregates as house-holds, business and governmental sectors.. First, GNP measures the market value of annual output. Second, GNP is a.. Directly opposite goods and services are called intermediate. Intermediate goods and services are excluded from GNP..

Irish history (english)
One exile became amarshal of France, another became Prime Minister of Spain. Lecky, in Volume II of hisfamous History of England, gives a.. Surely some of the mostprophetic words concerning Ireland and her people were..

Irish Roots (english)
Christian names are helpful, as the custom has largely been topass down a fathers christian name to his son. With the surname, christian nameand.. But it is still possible to do a tracein many cases.In Ireland, the.. Non-Catholic marriages are recorded here from 1845.The Public Record Office in the Four Courts, Dublin, holds many..

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