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Yet she knew that he was not in love with anybody else. The love-letters that

Yet she knew that he was not in love with anybody else. The love-letters that - раздел Искусство, Уильям Сомерсет Моэм Театр William Somerset Maugham       ...





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  Роман адаптировала Ольга Ламонова Под редакцией Ильи Франка   Метод чтения Ильи Франка   THE door opened (дверь открыла

Such businesslike lines. He says the way some of those firms in the city keep
their accounts is enough to turn your hair grey." Julia smiled at the complacency on her husband's handsome face. "He's a young

Moment his secretary came in.
"Here are the letters, Margery. What appointments have I got for this afternoon?"   Julia with half an ear (Джулия в пол-

Knew the room so well, idly looked about her. It was a very proper room for

And to balance it a photograph of Roger, their son.
  Between these was a magnificent silver ink-stand (между ними располагался: «был» великолепный чернильный прибор; ink — чернила) that she had herself given h

  She had been with Michael for five years (она работала: «была» с Майклом уже пять лет). In that time (за это время) she must have got to know him (она, должно быть

Turned round and stood up.
"I should like to introduce you to Miss Lambert," said Michael. Then with the      

Air of an ambassador presenting an attachй to the sovereign of the court to
which he is accredited: "This is the gentleman who is good enough to put some order into the mess we make of our accounts."  

Amused, friendly tenderness.
  "I wonder (мне интересно) if we could persuade you (сможем ли мы уговорить вас; to persuade — убеждать, склонять) to come and eat a chop with us (поеха

Emblazoned on the doors. Julia got in.
"Come and sit with me. Michael is going to drive."   They lived in Stanhope Place (они жили на /улице/ Стэнхоуп-плейс), and when they arri

So she took his hand and held it.
"Poor lamb," she thought, "I suppose this is the most wonderful moment in his whole life. What fun it'll be for him when he tells his people. I expe

The young man forced himself to make a remark.
"What a stunning room this is."              

You would have thought his observation had taken a weight off her mind.

Plays. Of course, I have a man to do the rough work for me, but the ideas are
mine."   They had moved into that house two years before (они переехали в этот дом два года назад; to move — двигаться, переезжать), and

Breaking out of a brown study, said No thank you.
  They sat at a refectory table (они сидели за длинным обеденным столом; refectory — трапезная в монастыре), Julia and Michael at either end (Джулия и Майкл с

Michael to a glass of dry white wine, and he left the room.
  "Michael and I never eat bread (Майкл и я никогда не едим хлеб). It was stupid of Jevons (это было глупо со стороны Джевонса) not to realize that you might wa

Twenty, and for years, wet or fine, he had got up every morning at eight to put
on shorts and a sweater and have a run round Regent's Park.   "The secretary told me (/ваш/ секретарь сказала мне) you were rehearsing this mor

Make something out of it. Of course we had to cut the other woman a lot in
rehearsals."   "I don't say we rewrote the play (я не говорю, что мы переписали пьесу)," said Michael, "but I can tell you (но я

That his clothes fitted and that he wore them well. He looked nice and clean.
  "I suppose (я полагаю) you've never had anything to do with the theatre from the inside before (вы никогда раньше не сталкивались с театром изнутри: «вы никог

Little larger than life-size.
"I never allow outsiders to come to rehearsals, but as you're our accountant you almost belong to the theatre, and I wouldn't mind making an exception in

Eminent K.C. who says clever, witty things and turns people round his little
finger. I don't know what's happened to authors. They don't seem able to write good lines any more. Bricks without straw; that's what we actors are

Julia gave the young man a delightful, but slightly deprecating smile.
  "You mustn't take my husband too seriously (вы не должны воспринимать моего мужа слишком серьезно). I'm afraid we must admit (я боюсь, мы должны  

The boy gulped down what was left in his cup and Julia rose from the table.
"You won't forget my photograph?" "I think there are some in Michael's den. Come along and we'll choose one."  

One to the young man.
"This one is not so bad." "It's lovely." "Then it can't be as like me as I thought."

Was a melting look in her fine eyes.
  "All right (хорошо). You shall have this one (вы получите эту). You know I'm not a beautiful woman (вы знаете, что я не красивая женщина), I'm not even a very

Julia Lambert.
      WHEN the two men had gone (когда мужчины: «двое мужчин» ушли) she looked through the photographs again (она снова просмотрела фотографии;

In the same cupboard.
  "When someone comes along (когда появится: «придет» некто) and wants to write the story of our careers (и захочет написать историю нашей карьеры) he'll find a

Enormous success.
  All the illustrated papers (все иллюстрированные издания; paper — бумага, газета, журнал) had given it a full page (разместили ее: «дали ей» на целой

In the papers.
  "People will think (люди подумают, что) you're deformed or something (ты уродливый или что-нибудь еще; to deform — обезображивать, уродовать, деформ

But he was obstinate.
  Julia came across a photograph of herself as Beatrice (Джулия натолкнулась на свою фотографию в роли Беатриче). It was the only Shakespearean part (эта была единст

Tall for a woman, and she had long legs.
  It was a pity (как жалко; pity — жалость, сожаление, печальный факт) she had never had a chance (что ей никогда не выпал шанс: «не было шанса») of playing R

A comedy line, seemed to sound all wrong when she spoke it.
  And then her articulation (и, кроме того, ее дикция; articulation — членораздельное произношение, артикуляция); it was so distinct that (она была нас

She could make you hear her every word in the last row of the gallery; they

Experience in modern plays.
  A man called James Langton (человек по имени Джеймс Лэнгтон) was running a repertory theatre at Middlepool (управлял репертуарным театром в Миддлпуле; repertory

Which was fortunate, for he was a bad actor.
  He could not subdue (он не мог подавить) his natural flamboyance (свою природную: «натуральную» чрезмерную пышность /манер/), and every part he played (и каждую ро

Right intonation himself he would never let a false one pass in anyone else.
"Don't be natural," he told his company. "The stage isn't the place for that. The stage is make-believe. But seem natural."

Ran down his cheeks.
  The company laughed at him (труппа смеялась над ним) and abused him (и злоупотребляла им = обманывала его; to abuse — поносить, ругать, портить, неосторо

Trooper felt like Charles Kean.
  It happened (так /уж/ случилось) that when Michael kept the appointment he had asked for (что когда Майкл пришел на встречу, о которой просил; to keep an

Go far.
  "I saw your Mercutio last night (я видел вас /в роли/ Меркуцио: «вашего Меркуцио» прошлым вечером)," he said (сказал он). "What d'you think of it yo

Used to hang about the stage door to see him go out.
  They wrote him love letters (они писали ему любовные письма) and sent him flowers (и посылали ему цветы). He took it as a natural homage (он воспринимал /все/ это

Hysteria than of passion.
  But his gravest fault as a juvenile lead was (но его серьезнейшим недостатком как молодого героя было то; grave — серьезный, веский, мрачный, fault — нед

Earthquake were going to swallow you up next minute, to hell with the
earthquake."   But it was no good (но все было бесполезно; no good — никудышный, бесполезно, ни к чему не ведет, без толку). Notw

Her own career had been singularly lacking in hardship. She was born in

  She was a born actress (она была прирожденная актриса) and it was an understood thing (и это было делом решенным: «понятной вещью») for as long as she could rememb

Julia her first lessons.
  She taught her all the arts (она преподала ей все умения: «хитрости мастерства») that she had herself learnt at the Conservatoire (которым она сама обучилась в муз

Manner which is so artificial and yet so wonderfully dramatic.
  Jane Taitbout must always have been a very stagy actress (Жанна Тэбу должно быть всегда была очень показной: «театральной» актрисой), but she taught Julia to artic

Made deliberate that wonderful sense of timing which Julia had by instinct
and which afterwards was one of her greatest gifts. "Never pause unless you have a reason for it," she thundered, banging with her clenched fist on the


Asked her to lunch with him next day she accepted.
  They had no sooner sat down to table (как только они сели за стол: «они не намного раньше сели за стол») than he went straight to the point (он перешел сразу прямо

He took no notice of the flippant rejoinder.
"I've been at this game for twenty-five years. I've been a call-boy, a stage- hand, a stage-manager, an actor, a publicity man, damn it, I've even been a

Look anything, even beautiful, the face that can show every thought that passes
through the mind. That's the face Duse's got. Last night even though you weren't really thinking about what you were doing every now and then the

Get an audience to look at you before you speak. You make up too much. With
your sort of face the less make-up the better. Wouldn't you like to be a star?" "Who wouldn't?"   "Come to me (

Play twenty parts a year. Ibsen, Shaw, Barker, Sudermann, Hankin,
Galsworthy. You've got magnetism and you don't seem to have an idea how to use it." He chuckled. "By God, if you had, that old hag would have had you

Performances and then have you go away to play some twopenny-halfpenny
part in a commercial play in London? What sort of a bloody fool do you take me for? I'll give you a three years' contract, I'll give you eight pounds a week

"And are you under the impression by any chance, that for that I'm going to let you sleep with me as well?"   "My Go

But Jimmie Langton was wrong there.
      JULIA, taken by his enthusiasm (Джулия, охваченная его энтузиазмом; to take — брать, хватать, овладевать, захватывать) and

As Magda. She was a great hit and then in quick succession he made her play
Nora in The Doll's House, Ann in Man and Superman, and Hedda Gabler.   Middlepool was delighted to discover (Миддлпул был счастлив обнаружить; to

Report on her. They were doubtful. She was all very well in Shaw and Ibsen,
but what would she do in an ordinary play?          

Choice one would have expected him to make, for in that part his great beauty

Was an asset and his lack of warmth no disadvantage.
  Julia reached over to take out (Джулия вытянулась, чтобы достать; to reach — тянуться, дотягиваться, простираться) the first of the cardboard cases (

Nothing to do but act eight times a week attended the rehearsals.
  She fell in love with Michael (она влюбилась в Майкла) at first sight (с первого взгляда). She had never seen a more beautiful young man (она никогда раньше не вид

  It was a well-known fact (было хорошо известно: «это был хорошо известный факт») that it was one of the best houses of its period (что это был один из наилучших до

Langton and then go to London.

Insisted on this.
  "If you want to be an actor (если ты хочешь быть актером) I suppose (я полагаю) I can't stop you (я не могу остановить тебя)," he said, "but damn it all

She told him fondly.
"Anyone can be good-looking," he answered, with his sweet smile, "but not everyone can belong to a decent family. To tell you the truth I'm glad my

At one time there was some talk of putting him in the university boat.
"I should have liked to get my blue. It would have been useful to me on the stage. I'd have got a lot of advertisement out of it." &nbs

To him than a comrade.
  Yet she knew (в тоже время она знала) that he was not in love with anybody else (что он не был влюблен ни в кого еще). The love-letters that women wrote to &n

Have some irate father coming along and saying, now you must marry the
girl."   She tried to find out (она попыталась выяснить) whether he had had any adventures (были ли у него приключения) while he was playing wi

Everything in twenty-four hours. And when you start a thing like that you
don't know what you're letting yourself in for. I wasn't risking anything."   When he wanted a bit of fun (когда он хотел чуть-чуть развлечься) he waite

Julia told a thumping lie.
"Jimmie always says I'd be a much better actress if I had an affair." "Don't you believe it. He's just a dirty old man. With him, I suppose. I mean,

Months, and you know what the public is, unless they see you all the time they
forget that you ever existed."   Marriage (жениться: «женитьба»)? What did she care about marriage (какое ей было дело до женитьбы)? Her heart

Thought never entered his lovely head.
"Of course he likes me," she said to herself. "He likes me better than anyone, he even admires me, but I don't attract him that way."

Dreamt what ecstatic pleasure it gave her to spend her money on him.
  When her birthday came along (когда наступил: «пришел» ее день рождения) he gave her half a dozen pairs of silk stockings (он подарил ей полдюжины пар шелковых чул

For change.
"Neither a borrower nor a lender be," he quoted from Polonius.   When some member of the company (когда кто-нибудь из членов труппы), mome

Modest to resent an unfavourable criticism.
  "I suppose I was rotten (я полагаю, что был отвратительным)," he would say ingenuously (говорил он /по таким случаям/ искренне). His most engaging trait

Remained serene. It was impossible to quarrel with him. One day he was

Julia came through the pass door and sat down beside Michael.
  He did not speak to her (он не заговорил с ней), but looked sternly (но смотрел угрюмо: «сурово, жестко») in front of him (перед собой). She threw him a surprised

He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and dried his eyes.
("I love him, I love him, I love him.")   Presently (тем временем: «теперь») he blew his nose (он высморкался; to blow one's nos

Presently he blew his nose.
"I'm beginning to feel better now. But, my God, you shattered me." "It's not a bad scene, is it?" "The scene be

To her with absorbed interest.
          "Of course the only way to get decent parts consistently is to run one's own

He was being very serious.
  "I don't believe (я не верю) one could hope to make a success in London (что кто- то может надеяться добиться успеха в Лондоне) unless one were pretty well kn

Would be madness to start in management unless one had at least three plays.
One of them out to be a winner."   "Of course if one did that (конечно, если сделать это), one ought to make a point of acting together (т

IT was getting on for Easter, and Jimmie Langton always closed his theatre

"I asked her to invite you. I thought it would be more polite than if I just took you along." "You are sweet. Of course I

Knew your father was a vet. When I wrote and asked if I could bring you
down I said he was a doctor." "Oh, that's all right."   Julia found the Colonel (Джулия обнаружила, что полковник) a

Years had been content to work in his garden and play bridge at his club.
  He read The Times (он читал “Таймз”), went to church on Sunday (ходил в церковь по воскресеньям) and accompanied his wife to tea-parties (и сопровождал свою жену н

Suit her.
  Julia, who was entirely without self-consciousness (Джулия, которая напрочь была лишена: «совершенно без» застенчивости; self-consciousness — чувство нел

Were taking stock of her. The thought flashed through her mind that Michael
had brought her down for his parents to inspect her. Why? There was only      

Ingenuous girl who had lived a quiet country life.
  She walked round the garden with the Colonel (она гуляла по саду с полковником): and listened intelligently (и слушала с пониманием; intelligent — хорош

With him.
  "Of course (кончено) we hope he'll do well (мы надеемся, что он преуспеет)," said Mrs. Gosselyn (сказала миссис Госселин). "We didn't much like the idea

Ear playfully.
"Now you mustn't flirt with me, Colonel," she cried, giving him a roguish delicious glance. "Just because I'm an actress you think you can take libe

Coloured servants, but how nice the society was, only army people and Indian
civilians, but still it wasn't like home, and how glad she was to get back to      

To the fire, lit a cigarette.
"I’m afraid it's been very quiet down here; I hope you haven't had an awfully dull time." "It's been heavenly."

Against her ribs.
"Julia dear, will you marry me?"   For the last week (всю последнюю неделю) she had asked herself (она задавалась вопросом: «спрашивала се

Know that you can act me off the stage, but we get on together like a house on
fire, and when we do go into management I think we'd make a pretty good team. And you know I do like you most awfully. I mean, I've never met

He broke away from her and went to the door.
"Mother, mother!"   In a moment (через мгновение) the Colonel and Mrs. Gosselyn came in (вошли полковник и миссис Госселин). They bore a l

Michael watched the affecting scene with sympathy.
"What d'you say to a bottle of pop to celebrate?" he said. "It looks to me as though mother and Julia were thoroughly upset."

Gladly have married him there and then, but his good sense prevailed.
  They were at present (они в настоящее время были) no more than (не более чем) a couple of provincial actors (парой провинциальных актеров), and to start their conq

He was too honourable to take advantage of her.
  "I could not love thee, dear, so much (я не мог бы любить тебя, дорогая, так сильно), loved I not honour more (если бы я не любил честь больше)," he quot

Allowing Julia to make love to him.
  She adored to sit cuddled up to him (она обожала сидеть, прижавшись к нему; to cuddle — прижимать, крепко обнимать, прижиматься друг к другу) with &nbs

To feel his hold on her tighten a little and to see the tenderness in his eyes.
"Darling, you'll make me as vain as a peacock." "It would be so silly to pretend you weren't divinely handsome."  

Equal passion in him.
  Meanwhile (тем временем) she exercised all her tact (она использовала весь свой такт; to exercise — тренировать, развивать, применять, использовать) and all

Feeling for her she worked like a dog to play well.
  When they had been engaged for rather more than a year (когда они уже были помолвлены больше года) an American manager (американский импресарио), looking for talen

Wait in the lobby while Michael saw the great man.
  "Wish me luck (пожелай мне удачи)," he whispered (прошептал он), as he turned from her (когда он поворачивался /от нее/) to enter the lift (чтобы войти в

Face an eager, happy smile, she felt that her muscles were stiff and hard.
  "It's all right (все в порядке). He says it's a damned good part (он говорит, что это чертовски хорошая роль), a boy's part, nineteen (роль юноши девятнадцати

The crowded street to walk.
  "It's a wonderful chance (это удивительный шанс). Of course America's expensive (конечно, Америка дорогая /страна/), but I ought to be able (но я  

Able to live on fifty dollars a week at the outside, they say the Americans are
awfully hospitable and I shall get a lot of free meals. I don't see why I shouldn't save eight thousand dollars in the forty weeks and that's sixteen

"Well, we can have a grand time together in the summer and you know a year, two years at the outside, well, it passes like a flash of lightning."

Michael gave her his sweet, good-natured smile.
  "Oh, well, go on then (ну, хорошо, тогда иди). I'm not going to hold it up against you (я не собираюсь иметь к тебе претензии; to hold it against smb — иметь

Himself. He was surprised, but pleased, to see her.
"Hulloa, Julia, come in."           She walked past him (она прошла

Strong and violent.
"Stop it. Stop it."   "You devil (ты черт), you swine (ты свинья), you filthy low-down cad (ты грязная бесчестная скотина)."

Cheek, for he had hurt her. She burst out crying.
"You brute. You rotten hound to hit a woman." "You put that where the monkey put the nuts, dearie. Didn't you know that wh

Of whisky, added a drop of soda, and made her drink it.
"Now what's all this Tosca stuff about?"   "Michael's going to America (Майкл собирается в Америку)." "Is he (он соб

You that I said to him he could have anyone in the company he liked with the
one exception of Michael Gosselyn."   Julia did not see the look in Jimmie's eyes (Джулия не видела выражение глаз Джимми) when he told her thi

Very clever little trick.
"Even me?" she said. "I knew he didn't want women. They've got plenty of their own. It's men they want who know how to wea

Julia giggled, and Jimmie felt the worst of the scene was over.
  "Now you know (теперь и ты знаешь) just as well as I do (так же хорошо, как и я) that you can act him off his head (что ты с легкостью можешь переиграть его).

Julia did not condescend to reply. She was really very unhappy.
"I can't live without him, I tell you. What am I to do with myself when he's away?" "Stay on with me. I'll give you a cont

Broken my heart and ruined my whole life just to keep me in your rotten
theatre?"   "I swear I haven't (клянусь, что не делал этого). I like you (ты мне нравишься) and I admire you (и я восхищаюсь тобой). And w

Him was caustic in his comments.
  "Gee (вот это да), I'd give something (я бы отдал все, что угодно) to get even (/лишь бы/ поквитаться; to get even with smb — свести счеты; even — ровный,

And Julia knew that he had not made good.
          "I suppose (полагаю) it's beastly of me (это ужасно гадко с моей стороны; bea

He smiled ironically.
"I suppose you think that in the excitement of homecoming you may work the trick." "What a beastly little man you are.&quo

In the empty carriage and looked at herself in the glass.
  "Mouth too large (рот слишком большой), face too puddingy (лицо слишком тяжелое: «похожее на пудинг»), nose too fleshy (нос слишком мясистый). Thank God (слав

"You're more lovely than ever," she said. "Oh, don't be so silly," he laughed, squeezing her arm affectionately. "You

Round his neck, her cheek against his.
"Oh, it's so good to be home again," she sighed.   "You don't have to tell me that (и не говори: «ты можешь и не говорить мне об этом

She kissed him fondly.
"Oh, you don't know how I've missed you." "I was an awful flop in America," he said. "I didn't tell you in my letters,

Have been made unhappy, but, oh, she was so relieved.
  "What are you going to do now (что ты собираешься теперь делать)?" she asked quietly (спросила она спокойно).     &

Julia could hardly believe her ears.
"Me? Darling, you know I'd go anywhere in the world with you." "Your contract's up at the end of this season, and if you want to get anywhere

Hers. Then she gave a sigh.
  "Darling, you're wonderful (дорогой, ты такой удивительный) and you're as beautiful as a Greek god (и ты такой красивый, как греческий бог), but you're the bi

Her to her room she held up her face to his.
"D'you want me to say good night to you in the passage? I'll just come in for a minute." "Better not, darling," she s

Fall upon it. A tear.
            THE first year of their marriage (первый год их супружеской жизни) would

Frantic scenes.
  She was jealous of his friends at the Green Room Club (она ревновала его к друзьям из «Клуба Грин Рум» (Зеленая комната = Артистическое фойе); to be jeal

          "You don't think (ты же не думаешь) I'm running after any other woman (что я бег

To heaven.
"I might be squint-eyed and hump-backed. I might be fifty. Am I so unattractive as all that? It's so humiliating to have to beg for love. Misery,

She gave him a look of scorn.
"That's all you can think of. My heart is breaking, and you can talk of a movement that I made quite accidentally."   But

Illustrated papers.
  They were asked to a number of parties (их приглашали на многочисленные вечеринки; number — число, количество, много) and Michael, notwithstanding his thrif

Business. He eventually got a part in a costume play.
  They were both acting (они оба играли /в театре/) when the war broke out (когда разразилась война; to break out — выламывать, вспыхивать о пожаре, войне,

That she could go out to France too and at least be on the same soil as he, but

Acting, and she could not resist what might very well be his dying request.
  Michael thoroughly enjoyed the war (Майкл чрезвычайно наслаждался войной). He was popular in the regimental mess (он пользовался популярностью: «был популярен» в п

Legion of Honour.
  Meanwhile (тем временем) Julia had been playing a succession of important parts (Джулия сыграла вереницу: «последовательность» важных ролей) and was recognized (и

Would ever enjoy on earth.
  She treated him (она обращалась с ним так) as though he had just come (как если бы он только что возвратился) from the horror of the trenches (от ужасов окопов: «т

He was as safe as a house, he only said that to reassure her, and even generals

Breezy manner and military carriage he looked every inch a soldier.
  He was in great spirits (он пребывал в великолепном расположении духа), not only because he was home for a few days (не только потому, что он был дома на несколько

Been so badly wounded that they had got their discharge.
  There was a wonderful opening (это была удивительно благоприятная возможность; opening — отверстие, начало, удобный случай), and Michael saw (и Майкл видел)

Abstinence he was amorous.
"You're the most wonderful little wife," he whispered.   He pressed his mouth to hers (он прижался своими губами к ее: «своим ртом к ее»).

Get his desire satisfied quickly, turn over on his side, and go to sleep.
  For long she lay awake (долгое время она лежала без сна; awake — бодрствующий, проснувшийся). She was dismayed (она пребывала в смятении). Her heart

Stretched her legs out in bed and sighed with relief.
"By God, it's grand to be one's own mistress."   They had breakfast in their room (они завтракали в своей комнате), Julia in bed (Джулия в

Definitely a man.
  He had lost his coltish grace (он утратил свою юношескую: «жеребячью» грацию; colt — жеребенок) and his movements were set (в его движениях чувствовалась ск

Down in good time for her confinement.

Stood in one of the bedrooms.
          "I can make do with a good deal of what we've got for my bedroom," she said.

He liked to share a bed with her. Though not passionate he was affectionate,

Her greatest comfort. The thought now filled her with irritation.
"Oh, I don't think there should be any more nonsense till after the baby's born. Until all that's over and done with I'm going to make you sleep by

Anyone but himself.
  He specialized in men about town (он играл преимущественно: «специализировался на» богатых повес; a man about town — светский человек, жуир), gentlem

Inherited nearly four thousand pounds, and this with his own savings and
Julia's brought up their joint capital to seven thousand.            

Whom he was interested.
  Years before (годами раньше), Michael and Julia had often joked about the rich old woman (Майкл и Джулия частенько шутили о богатой пожилой даме) who would fall in

Who was interested not in him but in Julia.

She could for them. She had seen Julia act in Middlepool.

Bags, vanity cases, strings of beads in semiprecious stones, brooches; but
appeared to be unconscious that Dolly's generosity was due to anything but      

Admiration for her talent.
  When Michael went away to the war (когда Майкл уехал на войну) Dolly pressed her to come and live in her house in Montagu Square (Долли настаивала, чтобы она перее

Him. Julia refused to approach her.
"She's already been so kind to us I really couldn't ask her, and it would be so humiliating if she refused."   "It's

Had given Michael for his birthday.
  It was a warm beautiful night (ночь была теплая и красивая). Michael had bought options (Майкл купил опционы: «преимущественные права покупки»), though it wrung hi

Opportunity that the week-end presented.
"Ask her yourself then," said Julia impatiently. "I tell you, I'm not going to." "She wouldn't do it for me. You can twist her round your

Must have cost at least two hundred pounds.
  That might be only her cunning (это всего лишь могло быть ее лукавством). Well (ну), he could honestly say (он мог честно признаться: «сказать») he'd never done a

Julia did.
"I never heard such nonsense," he cried. "What a filthy mind you've got, Julia!" "Come off it, dear."

Little knock at her door and Dolly came in. Her great black eyes were shining.
She sat on the bed and took Julia's hand.   "Darling (дорогая), I've been talking to Michael (я разговаривала с Майклом). I'm going to put up t

And there was a little tremor in it.
"Oh, my love, don't you know there isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for you? It'll be so wonderful; it'll bring us so close together and I shall be s

She gave him a little reflective look.
"Vous l'avez voulu, Georges Dandin." "What's that?" "Moliere."   As soon as

Reading a novel, Michael came in with a manuscript in his hand.
  "Look here (послушай), I want you to read this play at once (я хочу, чтобы ты прочитала эту пьесу немедленно). It's just come in from an agent (она только что

Her maid (who was also her dresser) to tell Michael she was ready for him.
  "Well, what d'you think (ну, что ты думаешь)?" "The play's all right (пьеса хорошая: «в порядке»). I don't see how (я не знаю, как) it can fail to b

He caught something doubtful in her tone.
"What's wrong then? The part's wonderful. I mean, it's the sort of thing that you can do better than anyone in the world. There's a lot of comedy and all

Kneeling by her side put his arms round her.
"Lor lumme, what's the matter with the old lady now?"   When she looked at him now (когда она смотрела на него сейчас) she wondered (она з

When she looked at him now she wondered what there was in him that had

Nothing of a fitting in the morning, he accepted the situation with equanimity.
  Julia was much easier to get on with (с Джулией стало гораздо проще ладить; to get on with — ладить, уживаться), she never made scenes any more (она

Pity for him because she no longer loved him.
  She was a kindly woman (она была доброй женщиной), and she realized that it would be a bitter blow to his pride (и она понимала, что это был бы жестокий: «горький»

Amusing, rather touching trait, now revolted her.
  When people were in trouble (когда актеры: «люди» попадали в беду), and on the stage they too often are (а в театре: «на сцене» они очень часто попадали), they got

Looked upon himself as devilish generous when he parted with a guinea, and a

Penny a pound cheaper than elsewhere.
  Julia could not but laugh (Джулия не могла сдержать смеха; cannot help but do smth. — быть не в состоянии удержаться от того, что бы не сделать что-

Unkind things she had for so long been thinking of him.
      THEY put on the play (они поставили эту пьесу), and it was a success (и она оказалась: «была» успешной). After that (после этого) they co

The expense of hiring.
  They gained the reputation (они приобрели репутацию) of being an enterprising management (новаторского театра: «предприимчивого инициативного предприятия») because

Failure and this was succeeded by another.
              Julia was frightened and discouraged (Джулия была напугана и о

Actress in England. There are only three people who bring money into the
theatre regardless of the play, and you're one of them. We've had a couple of duds. The next play's bound to be all right, and then we shall get back all

Look at her without suspecting that she had a high blood pressure.
  Meanwhile (в тоже время) it was convenient (было очень удобно) to have the house near Guildford (иметь дом рядом с Гилфордом) to go to whenever they wished (/куда

Interested in management.
"I want to run my theatre in as business-like way as a city office," he said.   And he felt (и он чувствовал) that he could more profitably spend h

Was acting and thus could not give them all his time.
  "I've got a good mind (я намереваюсь; to have a good mind to — собираться сделать что-то) to have a shot at it myself (попытать свои силы /в постановке

He was getting more out of her than any other director had done.
  He knew what she was capable of (он знал, на что она была способна), and, familiar with her every inflection (и /он/, знакомый с каждой ее модуляцией /голоса/), ev

Continue to direct their plays.
  Authors liked him (авторы любили его) because, being unimaginative (так как, из-за того, что он был лишен воображения), he was forced to let the plays speak for th

He thought the part was worth.
  When he directed a play (когда он режиссировал постановку) he put down on the expense account (он относил на расход; to put it on the expense account — о

Than he she wanted to pay all these expenses herself.
"There's no reason why you should," said Michael. "As long as I can pay my whack I'll pay it. You earn more than I do because you're worth more. I p

Live with a man who was such a monster of vanity.
  His complacency when he had beaten an opponent at golf (его самодовольствие, когда он обыгрывал соперника в гольф) or got the better of someone in a business deal

Outrageously vain of his person.
  As a youth he had taken his beauty for granted (когда он был молод, он          

Into it.
  He hankered for compliments (он страстно жаждал /услышать/ комплименты) and beamed with delight (и сиял от удовольствия) when he had managed to extract one (когда

That she might do for a part he had in mind.
  For years, so far as Julia knew (долгие годы, насколько Джулии было известно: «Джулия знала»), Michael had not bothered with women (Майкл не сильно беспокоился о ж

Friendship should cease.
"God knows what they see in him," Julia exclaimed to the empty room.   She took up half a dozen of his photographs at random (она подняла полдюжины

Carefully one by one. She shrugged her shoulders.
"Well, I suppose I can't blame them. I fell in love with him too. Of course he      

Love had died she felt that life had cheated her. She sighed.
"And my back's aching," she said.       THERE was a knock at the door (раздался стук в дверь). "Come i

Unbelievably self-satisfied.
  Evie sniffed (Эви фыркнула). "Oh, well, it's no good crying over spilt milk (ну, потерянного не воротишь: «нет смысла плакать над пролитым молоком»; to cry

She chose.
"Come on now, or you'll be fit for nothing tonight. I'll clear up all this mess."   Evie was Julia's dresser and maid (Эви была костюмершей и горни

She would not have them replaced.
"For the little I eat I've got all the teeth I want. It'd only fidget me to 'ave a lot of elephant's tusks in me mouth."  

Evie drew her forefinger across the base of her nostrils and sniffed.
  "As long as Miss Lambert's young enough (до тех пор, пока мисс Лэмберт достаточно молода) to play women of twenty-five (чтобы играть женщин двадцати пяти лет)

Now and slipped between the sheets.
  "Damn (черт), my hot water bottle's (моя грелка; bottle — бутылка) nearly stone cold (холодна, /почти/ как камень)." She looked at the clock on th

Thousand pounds. I can play all my old parts. Of course even at sixty I could
play women of forty-five. But what about parts? Those bloody dramatists."   Trying to remember any plays (пытаясь припомнить пьесы: «любые пьесы») in

Chat with her.
"Well, what was his name?" asked Julia. "Whose name?" "The boy who came to lunch?" &

Side to him. And terribly good-looking. My word.
"Well, Miss Phillips, fat coming off nicely?" "Oh, Mr. Gosselyn, there's not an ounce of fat on Miss Lambert. I think it's

Tomato soup; treacle pudding and cherry tart. Cream, cream, cream. And so
help me God, I'll never eat spinach again as long as I live."   When the massage was finished (когда массаж был окончен) Evie brought her a cup

In a vase.
  "Hulloa, who sent them (эй, кто прислал их)? Mrs. de Vries (миссис де Фриз)?" Dolly always sent her a huge basket (Долли всегда присылала ей огромную кор

Some roses for her.
"Here's the card," said Evie. Julia looked at it. Mr. Thomas Fennell. Tavistock Square. "What a place to live. Who the hel

Julia plastered her face with grease paint.
"You're so damned unromantic, Evie. Just because I'm not a chorus girl you can't understand why anyone should send me flowers. And God knows, I've

Gushing note of thanks for his beautiful flowers.
              She was naturally polite (она была от природы вежливой) and it

Was about to step from the world of make-believe into the world of reality.
      NEXT day Julia had luncheon with Charles Tamerley (на следующий день Джулия завтракала /в середине дня/ с Чарльзом Тэмерли; lunch — ла

  There were one or two leading ladies (была еще пара: «одна или две» известных актрис: «актрис на первые роли»), younger than she (/которые/ были моложе ее), who di

Acquired the reputation of a wit.
  She was pleased that they liked her (ей было приятно, что она нравилась им), these smart, idle women (этим элегантным, праздным женщинам), but she laughed at them

Them copy her clothes. She was always beautifully dressed.
  Even Michael (даже Майкл), fondly thinking she got her clothes for nothing (который доверчиво считал, что она покупала свою одежду за бесценок: «даром, бесплатно»)

For a week-end gave them adjoining rooms.
  This belief had been started by Lady Charles (это убеждение начала /поддерживать сама/ Леди Чарльз; belief — вера, доверие, мнение), from whom Charles Tamer

Actress, had made her first great success in London.
  It was a large party (это был большой прием) and she was being made much of (и ей уделяли много внимания; to make much of smth., of smb. — высоко ценить

Gracious smile.
"Oh, Miss Lambert, I think I used to know your father in Jersey. He was a doctor, wasn't he? He used to come to our house quite often."

Lady Charles for a moment did not quite know what to say.
"My mother was very fond of dogs," she answered.   Julia was glad that Michael was not there (Джулия радовалась тому, что Майкла не было р

Began to speak of her as Madame de Lambert.
  At the beginning of her career (в самом начале своей карьеры) Julia had been somewhat sensitive on the point (Джулия была немного чувствительна: «слегка обижалась»

That by so doing she put them in their place.
  But Charles Tamerley knew (но Чарльз Тэмерли знал) that his wife had deliberately tried to humiliate the young woman (что его жена намеренно   &

Which indeed he was, and he had exquisite manners.
  He was an amateur of the arts (он был поклонником искусства: «всех искусств»; amateur — любитель). He bought modern pictures (он покупал современные картины

Sudden that she had genius.
  "Another Siddons perhaps (возможно, вторая (другая) Сиддонс). A greater Ellen Terry (более великая /чем/ Эллен Терри)." In those days (в то время: «в те

Museum, and she really enjoyed it almost as much as she said.
  He liked to impart information (ему нравилось делиться знаниями) and she was glad to receive it (и она с радостью воспринимала их). She had a retentive memory (она

Was often silent.
  "Poor lamb (бедный ягненок = бедняжка)," she said to herself (говорила она        

Himself when she had once got it into his head that there was nothing doing.
          But when it happened (но когда оно /объяснение/ случилось) it did not turn out (оно о

To go. He took a miniature out of his pocket and gave it to her.
  "It's a portrait of Clairon (это портрет Клэрон). She was an eighteenth-century actress (она была актрисой восемнадцатого века) and she had many of your gifts

Faint smile.
"No. But I'm not going to see you any more."           "

Spoke his voice was hoarse with emotion.
  "You're in love with Michael, aren't you (ты любишь Майкла, так ведь)?" She gave a little nod (она легко кивнула головой). She tightened her lips (она сж

Again she gave a little nod.
  "Clara's making me scenes about you (Клара устраивает мне сцены из-за вас). She's found out (она догадалась, что) I'm in love with you (я люблю вас). It's onl

Arms. When he went away she got up and looked in the glass.
"You rotten bitch," she said to herself.   But she giggled as though (но она хихикнула так, как будто) she were not in the least ashamed (

She heard Michael come in and called out to him.
"Michael, look at that miniature Charles has just given me. It's on the chimney-piece. Are those diamonds or paste?"   Ju

To extract more substantial alimony from the innocent husband.
  Julia managed Charles with wonderful skill (Джулия умела обращаться с Чарльзом с удивительны умением; to manage smb. — иметь подход к кому- либо). It

Emergency or go to for comfort in any disappointment.
  It was a little more difficult (ситуация осложнилась: «это оказалось немного сложнее») when Charles, with his fine sensitiveness (когда Чарльз, /обладавший/ тонкой

Bred, so cultured, she could not think of him as a lover. It would be like going
to bed with an objet d'art.   And his love of art (и его любовь к искусству) filled her with a faint derision (вызывала в ней легкую издевку:

Well lost.
"The damned fool," she thought. "As if I'd give up my career to bury myself in some hole in Italy!"   She persu

She could not bear the thought of his wasting his life over her.
              He told her that she was the only woman (он отвечал ей, что он

But Michael had perfect health.
  On this occasion (в этот раз: «по этому случаю») Julia had much enjoyed lunching at Hill Street (Джулия просто таки наслаждалась ланчем на Хилл- стрит). The party

That language.
  After luncheon (после ланча) she was persuaded to recite a tirade from Phиdre (ее уговорили продекламировать тираду /законченный стихотворный отрывок/ из «Ф

Her she was conscious of their glances.
"What a hell of a nuisance it is that one can't go anywhere without people staring at one."   She slackened her pace a li

The monosyllable had betrayed her. A chuckle travelled over the wire.
"I only wanted to thank you for writing to me. You know you needn't have          

A chorus girl. It was rather funny when you came to think of it.
"I don't know why not." "Will you really?" his voice sounded eager. He had a pleasant voice. "When?"

Some fashionable place where people would stare at her. It proved that he
          didn't just want to be seen with her.   She took a tax

Cheek to ask her.
  When she arrived at the house (когда она подъехала к дому) and had paid off the taxi (и расплатилась за такси) she suddenly remembered (она внезапно вспомнила) tha

Opened and he stood before her.
  "I saw you drive up (я видел, как вы подъехали) and I ran down (и побежал вниз). I'm afraid I'm on the third floor (боюсь, что я живу на третьем этаже). I hop

Milk-jug. The crockery was of the cheapest sort.
  "Take a pew (садитесь; take a pew — разг. садитесь, pew — разг. стул, сиденье, место)," he said. "The water's just on the boil (вода уже закипа

Away from her in fancy and she felt strangely young again.
  What fun they had had in rooms very like that (как весело проводили они время в таких комнатах: «комнатах, похожих на эти»; to have fun — веселиться, раз

Struggling actress. It was rather delicious. It needed a gesture, but she could
only think of one: she took off her hat and gave her head a shake.   They talked (они разговаривали). He seemed shy (он казался застенчивым), much s

  They talked of the theatre (они разговаривали о театре). He had seen her in every play she had acted in (он видел ее в каждом спектакле, в которых она играла) sinc

Looked incredibly clean.
  She asked him why he had chosen Tavistock Square (она спросила его, почему он выбрал /именно/ Тэвисток-сквер). It was central, he explained (это в центре, объяснил

She would put on her hat and say good-bye to him.
"Yes, it is rather charming, isn't it? It's so London; it gives one a sort of jolly feeling."   She turned to him (она по

Not know what she felt.
              And now she had a notion (и теперь она заметила) that he was g

Took his head in her hands and kissed his lips.
  A few minutes later she was standing at the chimney-piece (несколькими минутами позже она стояла у камина: «каминной полки»), in front of the looking-glass (перед

He chuckled.
"When am I going to see you again?" "Do you want to see me again?" "Rather."  

Attached to the bells on the lintel.
"Damn it all, I ought at least to know his name."   But he gave her no chance (но он не оставил ей шанса). When the taxi drove off (когда

What it is. I might have been a waiting-maid. In a hoop, with those funny puffy
things — what the devil are they called? — that they wore to emphasize their          

Brother had ravished me of the most precious treasure a young woman in my
station of life can possess, her innocence. Fie, o fie, sir."   When Julia got home (когда Джулия приехала домой) the masseuse was already wait

Stretched herself out.
"What's the idea?" said Evie. "I feel good." "Well, if I behaved like that people'd say I'd been drinkin'."

Just finished making-up. He was startled.
  "Hulloa, Julia (эй, Джулия), what's the matter with you tonight (что это с тобой такое сегодня /вечером/)? Gosh, you look swell (черт возьми, ты шикарно выгля

Into her dressing-room.
"D'you know the prompter says we played nine minutes longer tonight, they laughed so much." "Seven curtain calls. I though

Dance, but not to dance with Michael, to dance with Louis XV or Ludwig of
Bavaria or Alfred de Musset. Clairon and the Bal de l'Opйra.   She remembered the miniature (она вспомнила о миниатюрном портрете) Charles had once

Had in point of fact never been able to think of it since without a chuckle.
  That had been an accident too (тот случай тоже был неожиданным: «случайным»; accident — /несчастный/ случай, случайность). She had been acting for a long ti

Right and there would be one waiting for her at the station in Paris.
  To her consternation (к ее ужасу) she found when they got to Paris (она обнаружила, когда /они/ прибыли в Париж) that nothing seemed to be known about her (что о н

Was very sorry, but he could do nothing for her.
  She made a useless scene (она устроила /совершенно/ бесполезную сцену; to make a scene — закатить сцену). When the official had gone (когда чиновник

The conductors could not manage for a tip.
  "I'm simply tired out (я просто вымотана; tired out — переутомленный, очень уставший, to tire — утомлять, утомляться, уставать)," she said. "I'

Face; there were two bare patches under the corners of his mouth.
  It gave him a curious look (это придавало ему загадочный: «чудной» вид). With his black hair (своими черными волосами), drooping eyelids (нависающими веками) and r

Have been more than thirty. She wondered if he was a Spanish Grandee.
  He was not very well dressed (одет он был не очень хорошо), but then foreigners often weren't (но, потом, многие иностранцы были /одеты плохо/: «не были /одеты хор

Cigarette-case with a gold crown on it.
              Pity he had to wear those modern clothes (/какая/ жалость, что

She gave him a lingering look of her splendid eyes.
"You've seen me act?" "Yes, I was in London last month."      

Case that were in the rack to the carriage madame had just left.
  "But it's not your own compartment you're giving up to me (неужели вы отдаете мне свое собственное купе: «но это же не ваше собственно купе, что вы отдаете мн

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